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Darren Poyzer - informal cv pdf

Live performance, live streaming, community music activities and learning, handmade gifts,
courtesy of Darren & Trish!

informal Darren Poyzer cv pdf click to view / download

Darren and Trish

Over the years, Stereo Graffiti has been many things, working with the times and the opportunities.

Initially the name was associated with Nick Toczek's brilliant alternative cabaret events in Bradford, and as this was the very first 'away gig' for a fledgling young songwriter called Darren Poyzer, when the name became available, Nick kindly allowed Darren to use it to promote a series of now legendary indie band and alternative cabaret events in Ashton Under Lyne.

There followed a fanzine, a radio show in various guises, a UK award winning web design small business initiative, and in this moment we have this website, a portal offering a one click link to the creative projects that Darren is delivering.

Thanks for your time and consideration, we hope to see you and maybe work with you soon,
Darren & Trish :-)

ps: if you wish, please feel free to support our work and 'buy me a coffee' at, thank you :-) x