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Dear Creative Friend,

Please find the time to give this a read and your personal consideration, it's not spam!

In early 2023 we will be launching a new online TV review called 'Stereo Graffiti TV'.

Each show will last around 15 minutes - just right for an internet audience - and will be a fast paced review of opinion, creativity, performing arts, and special features featuring interesting people from the world of arts events.

We would love you to contribute to the show, and allow us to feature your work.

(15-30 seconds of phone video is often plenty so this is not a big ask!)

A face to face / video chat may well be the best way forwards if you'd like to discuss this. In addition to the following we intend to conduct some interviews online and on location, and we are happy to welcome interviewers and announcers.

My e-mail address follows, however here's a few ideas of the kind of content we're now looking for:

  • Rants and opinion: humour, social / political, observation.
  • Reviews / previews: event info and opinion.
  • My creative diary: introduce us to your creative mindset.
  • On the road: on location reporting and observation.
  • Photography, art, mime ...

We're on, lights camera distraction ... our e-mail is: