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Video, live streaming, web design, community music and singing, handmade crafts, online and 1-1 learning. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Starting from basic advice and guidance, helping resolve any problems you have, through to supporting funded projects and taking on comissions, our multimedia provision includes video and music production

Live Streaming

Video Production

During the Covid-19 lockdown and period of Government restrictions on movement and personal contact, we saw how people were using mobile phone cameras to keep in touch and entertain each other; when Christmas came along, something special was required ...

12 Days Of JDI Christmas

A fabulous Christmas video we produced for a youth mental health charity in Macclesfield, bringing 23 people together using mobile phone footage taken in their own places of residence.

In these days of 'fast food' social networking, getting a video message across can be a great challenge. The 60 second showreel format is something that we believe to be very useful in these times, as not only can we script to include all the key points in a message, we can create a wide range of visual elements and produce a small and very accessible video file, with good quality intact.

Matt Hill
60 second showreel for the album 'Savage Pilgrims'

Barry Lawton
60 second showreel for Crewe based singer songwriter

We are very supportive of valuable community projects, and supporting good community values and well-being is central to our reason for being. We don't shout about our contribution as we never look to devalue the work of others, but please do make contact if you think we can help in some way.

Liam Smith's Cycle Challenge
When one of our neighbours went out fund-raising, we helped promote his fabulous efforts, with over £3,000 raised for The Alzheimer's Society

Live Streaming

By simply recording on a hand held device such as a mobile phone, anyone with an internet connection can live stream. However, effective professional live streaming requires a good combination of skills and disciplines; lighting, sound quality, picture quality, stage set and scenery, maybe the use of a green screen and most certainly correct use of professional software, are all things for the live streamer to consider before going live.

These are the technical issues to consider and learn about, and then of course there's the streaming content to consider; what are we going to say, what are we going to video, and how can we effectively deliver our message during a live broadcast.

Wherever there is an internet connection, we can live stream at the very least a 2 camera video broadcast, live mixing on the spot to create a truly professional, exciting live stream of your event or special occasion.

Darren Poyzer's Sunday Service
"one of the best online shows on the internet!" - Rob Ellen, Medicine Music
We live stream free to viewers for an hour, every Sunday morning

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